Beta Release: Word Count Plus 1.3.0

August 6, 2008: Version 1.3.0 is not being officially released yet, as it represents a significant code change from previous versions and requires additional testing before I declare it stable. It is available for download below, though, and offers a major new feature: keyboard shortcuts. If you'd like to try it out, please do. I'd love to know about any problems you run into or suggestions you may have. Submit to the mailing list or email me directly: wordcountplus-owner at mozdev dot org.

Install Version 1.3.0

Changes in Version 1.3.0

Keyboard Shortcuts

Three keyboard shortcuts have been added for the following actions: Count Words, Add and Count Words and Clear Counts. Anytime you have made a selection in the browser content pane, the Count Words and Add and Count Words keyboard shortcuts are enabled. When there is a count displaying in the status bar area, the Clear Counts shortcut is enabled.

To find out what the shortcuts keys are, right click in the Word Count Plus status bar area to pull up the menu. The key combinations are listed next to the menu items.

On Macs, the default shortcuts all use the Ctrl key, not the Alt/Option key. (If you are on a Mac and your shortcuts by default list the Option symbol please use the mailing list to notifiy me of the bug!)

Keyboard Shortcut Customization

The default shortcut keys may interfere with those used by other Firefox extensions you have installed. It's easy to customize them, though, so you can resolve any conflicts you encounter.

Use the Restore Default buttons to set the shortcuts back to the default keys.

Changes you make to the shortcuts only apply to new windows that are created after you've applied the changes.

Altered Undo Functionality

In previous versions, the Undo Counter menu option allowed you to undo the last change made to the running total, so if you performed an Add and Count accidentally, you could restore the total to whatever it was before you triggered the Add and Count. Now, however, the undo menu option is labeled Undo Count Action and it allows you to undo the last count action you performed, whether it was a Count, an Add and Count, or a Clear Counts.

The wordcountplus project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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