Word Count Plus 1.2.3

by S Waters

August 6, 2008: New stable version, plus beta release

Version 1.2.3 is the current stable version (no new features, just a code cleanup). For anyone pining for keyboard shortcuts, please try out Version 1.3.0, which is not being pushed out yet but is available for download.

If you're running Windows XP Home and find that Word Count Plus is refusing to install, make sure you've installed SP2 and that should clear up the problem.

Word Count Plus, an extension for Firefox, sits unobtrusively in the status bar of the active window, where it shows you the number of currently selected words. You can choose to add that number to a counter, in which case you will also see a running total.

Install Now

To use, select some text on the page, then right click and choose Count Words from the menu. The word count will show up in the status bar. You can also choose Add and Count Words to keep a cumulative word count, so you don't need to open a calculator application to figure out the total word count across multiple text selections.

Another way to trigger counting is to click in the status bar area:

  1. Left-Click to Count Words.
  2. Shift-Left-Click to Add and Count Words.
  3. Middle-Click or Alt-Left-Click to reset the counts to zero.

To access the full array of commands, right click in the status bar area to pull up the menu.

Additional Features:

  1. Can count selected words in a focused textarea or text input box. Notice that the box must have the focus.
  2. Has primitive character counting abilities. The character count doesn't show up in the status bar and you can't copy it to the clipboard or do anything with it really, but if you want to see the selected and total character counts, you can hover in the status bar panel and they show up in the tool tip text.

The wordcountplus project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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